Solved: Employee Job Satisfaction

Component 2 Drawing on appropriate academic models and theories (from modules you have undertaken on your programme), produce a 5000 word business report that includes a critical strategic appraisal of the simulation Organisation and devise a practical intervention plan for an area of the business to be improved. Submission date is 28th January 2021 at 5 pm. Final Report structure (5000 words)
  • Title page
  • Executive summary (not incorporated in word count)
  • Introduction (approx. 750 words)
o   Brief contextual information about the organisation o   Aim and objectives of the report
  • Main body (approx. 3500 words)
o   Strategic appraisal of placement organisation o   Project choice and justification, project aim and objectives; o   Consideration of alternative options o   Implementation plan including resource issues (put in the appendices) o   Critical analysis and reflection on the design and possible implementation of the project linked to the goals and activities undertaken, business improvements achieved and a critique of appropriate underpinning academic models and frameworks that have informed the approaches adopted o   Critical reflection on your action learning
  • Conclusion and recommendations (approx.750 words)