Solved: Coats Inc. Case Study

Case Study

Consider the following Case Study ONLY as an Example: Coats Inc. is an enterprise that produces coats and resells some accessories. Coats Inc. sells coats and accessories to a network of customers (dealers throughout the Middle East and some individual customers). The products are sold to the individual customers on cash only. However, the dealer may get the products on credit and sometimes on multiple instalments as well. Coats Inc. obtains raw materials for coats from a variety of suppliers and acquires ready-made accessories from a set of manufactures. It also has a network of investors and creditors that support it financially. Coats Inc. also provide services to its customers and selling coats is not the only source of revenue generation. This example is only for the students' understanding. The students are required to come-up with their own case study and then respond to the following requirements. Note:
  • The students must use some drawing tool e.g. Microsoft Visio to model the enterprise.
  • SQL queries must be implemented using Microsoft Access or any other tool of their choice.
  • All the original source files must be submitted as the final product.
  • All four sections of case study must be completed and submitted in form of one report by the deadline, otherwise marks will be deducted from missing section.
Students are required to write and explain the narrative of the case study below: Learning Outcome(s): LO1: Analyze and redesign business processes within small, medium and large corporate enterprise. LO2: Design secure and flexible information and communication architectures that support the changing needs of the business. LO3: Develop IT systems within small, medium and large corporate enterprises. Students are required to design:
  1. Value System Level Model
Develop the Value System Level Model for your organization and include all business partners and the exchanges between them. [1.5 marks]
  1. Value Chain Level Model
Identify all the internal processes and resource exchanges among them by developing the complete detailed Value Chain for your organization. [1.5 marks] 3. Learning Outcome(s): LO4: Develop robust business IS solutions that integrate new and existing business processes, structures, applications, within a global context. LO5: Manage resources and finance of corporate enterprise IT systems.
  • Business Process Level Model (Core Pattern)
    1. Identify all the exchange events, resources and agents (internal as well as external)
    2. Establish the relationships among various entitiesand their cardinalities
  • Assign attributes to entities and relationships. [2 Marks]
Note: Students need to design Core Pattern for one business process of their choice, which they have already drawn at the value chain level in section 2.
  1. SQL queries
    1. Write an SQL query to identify the name and address of all suppliers located in Jeddah.
    2. Write an SQL query to identify the names and addresses of all employees.
Note: Students need to write the SQL queries AS WELL AS use Microsoft Access to implement the queries. [2 marks]