Solved: Chivalry

You will be writing a creative piece that will demonstrate your understanding of chivalry. You will imagine what it would be like to be a knight in King Arthurís court in Camelot. You will be the protagonist of your story, so this should be written in a first person point of view. You have read all about chivalry in this unit, have studied examples of knights, and you will be taking this knowledge with you to Camelot. You will also be fully accepted by King Arthur as a knight and outfitted with shining armor accordingly. You will be spending a week as a knight. During this week, three events will occur, similar to the ones we read about in the selections from this unit. Choose three from among the following options: Negotiate a peace agreement with a rogue knight (as in Le Mort díArthur) Lead an army into an epic battle (as in Le Mort díArthur) Receive an order to complete a task from King Arthur (as in Le Mort díArthur) Face temptation (as in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) Receive a challenge for a duel (as in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) Fall in courtly love and pursue a romance (as in a Knightís Tale) Recruit a squire (as in Don Quixote)