Solved: COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation Impact

Assessment task 1 – ONLINE ENGAGEMENT (20%)
Task description

You are required to participate and engage in online discussions and activities for all modules. There are a variety of ways to participate, including posting on a discussion forum, engaging with peers online, completing online activities and contributing to the student-led glossary. Active participation and interaction with peers is a vital ingredient
in learning and is assessed on the quality not just the quantity of your contributions to the group discussions of the learning activities in the course. You need to incorporate the concepts and theories from the course when expressing your own ideas, experience and opinions, and when responding to comments and contributions from your fellow students. In this way we develop a learning environment that is supportive, dynamic and informative. Note that your facilitator may set specific interactive tasks for you to complete as part of this assessment.

There are two modules delivered in each teaching week of the course. In order to pass the course, you must actively participate in at least 8 out of 10 modules.

If you do not contribute to a module discussion, you will lose 10% of the total marks available for online participation i.e. you will lose 2 marks for each module missed. Please note that you must follow the UNSW Business School referencing guide for all of your online posts. Your marks for participation will take your referencing into account. Your tutor will check in with you after Module 4 of the course to give feedback on how you are progressing in your online participation.

Assessment task 2 (a) – MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ 1: 20 questions (10%)
Task description

You are required to complete a multiple choice quiz of 20 questions on the core concepts introduced in modules 1, 2 and 3 of the course: social inequality, wicked problems and systems thinking.
The quiz must be completed by 11:59pm Friday 15 December.

Assessment task 2 (b) – MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ 2: 20 questions (10%)
Task description

You are required to complete a multiple choice quiz of 20 questions on the core concepts introduced in modules 4, 5 and 6 of the course: the Sustainable Development Goals, leadership, and how the three sectors create positive social impact.
The quiz must be completed by 11:59pm Friday 19 January

Assessment task 3 – SOCIAL CHANGE PITCH (60%)
Task description

For this assessment you will be allocated to a team of three (3) or four (4). In your team you will choose a social issue based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During the course your team will design a change process to address this social issue, and will present a social change pitch in the form of a written report and an oral presentation.

For your social change pitch, you are asked to focus on designing a process rather than a solution. To design your change process you will need to use the tools discussed in the course. This part is where you get to apply what you have learnt. Remember that you need to design your overall change process justifying your approach to change as well as your choice of specific tools to go about this change drawing on the material covered during the course.

This section should be very practical rather than written in an essay style. Your report should be structured as a report and in a professional manner. It is recommended that you do some research as to what a professional report looks like. Your team’s social change pitch is divided in 4 sections:

(i) SYSTEMS THINKING: Identifying the problem and its root causes
(ii) BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE: Developing a vision & goals
(iii) UTILISING SYSTEMS TOOLS: Mapping the root causes, system and actors
your change process

There will be time dedicated to team work throughout the course – in modules 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10. All team members are required to actively participate in team work.

Although you will be working in teams, the majority of this assessment is based on your individual contributions. Each individual in the team will be responsible for one section of the social change process, and will be assessed according to three components:

3(a) Individual written report (25%) due on Monday 29 January by 11.59pm, using the Turnitin link provided for that week. This needs to be computer typed. It is your individual contribution to the team report. The word limit is 2000 words (with a leniency of, plus or minus, 10%). (eg. each team member will submit a 2000 word section of the report).

Your written report has 2 parts: i) a 1000 word sector analysis, and ii) 1000 words comprising your individual section of the social change pitch. Even though you will be working on the same topic as your team members, this assessment is completed and marked on an individual basis.

(i) In the first part of the written report you are required to provide a 1000-word sector analysis of what is currently being done to address the social issue you have selected in your teams. As part of your analysis you will need to identify the major initiatives/programs put in place to address your social issue across the three sectors (public, private, and not-forprofit). You must critically analyse whether these programs are successful or not and business why this is the case. Use the ACAR and systems thinking frameworks and any other relevant course material as the basis for your analysis.

Your research for this assessment will draw on media, reports, websites from the different sectors, and other current sources, as well as concepts from the course. Using this research, you will analyse what is being done by all sectors in relation to your social issue. This will allow you to situate your own change process within the current environment and differentiate what you are proposing to do from what has been done.

(ii) The second part of your written report is the individual section of the change process that you have been allocated in your group (for example, systems thinking, blueprint for change, systems tools or strategies, collaborations and measuring impact). This is a 1000-word section of the overall report based on the oral presentation you upload in the final week of the course.

3(b) Individual oral presentation (25%): This is an oral presentation of your section of the change process. It is filmed and edited by you and uploaded online in the final module of the course. The presentation must be 5 minutes long. In this presentation, you ‘pitch’ your individual section of the team report. Due by Thursday 11.59pm 25
January 2018.

3(c) Team design and presentation (10%): This mark is the same for all team members and will be based on the quality, cohesion and consolidation of the overall team presentation. Due 11.59pm Thursday 25 January 2018.

The marking criteria for these assessments is available on Moodle under the heading ‘FAQs, Marking Criteria & Assessment Resources.’