Solved: COMP1632 Systems Development Project

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Case Study – PrivateHire Cars
PrivateHire Cars is one of the largest private hire taxi companies in London. With a fleet of over 150 vehicles they aim to provide a fast, friendly and reliable service. Services include local/long distance journeys, airport and hotel transfers, meet & greet at airports as well as driver & car for daily hire. The company was formed in 2009 and has continued to expand to
its current size and now has over 15 staff working at their Call Centre. The Call Centre staff are also getting extremely busy and have to handle a large number of calls with the whole booking process becoming inefficient and time consuming. The Board of Directors of PrivateHire Cars have now become concerned about the current situation, especially since over the past year, a major investment has been made with the company installing a new GPS Despatch System and a Call Monitoring System. The Call Centre staff take the phone calls, and pass the requests to the Control Centre, which monitors and despatches vehicles. The newly installed GPS tracking system greatly helps them in dealing with that.

PrivateHire Cars are now thinking, rather late in the day, of breaking into the market online booking as well as the creation of a mobile application for booking. They believe that the key to increased market share is having both pure online and hybrid telephone ordering capabilities as well as reach into the market of mobile applications by recognising the need to
“go out and find customers and not wait for them to come to us”, especially interested in targeting younger adults and business people.

The company would also like to expand well into the car rental business and would therefore like the new system to keep track of different information e.g. popular cars, and the most loyal customers. They are very open-minded to new ideas.

You are consultants of a private Software Development Company, called to assist PrivateHire Cars, with the development of their online system and provide further recommendations with regards to possible features their mobile app could support (the mobile app is for future development). They have a tight deadline of 6 months for the system to go live, staff should
be trained within 3 weeks and the analysis, design and development of the new system should be within the budget of 100.000 pounds as decided by the Board of Directors.

Your Software Company employs the following people at the moment:
1) You (Project Manager/Programmer)
2) Jo Bloggs (Analyst)
3) Chris Seesharp (Programmer)
4) Susan Wannacode (Programmer/Analyst)

You should assume that, at any given time, each of your team can only serve one of their roles (e.g. Susan may work 9-1 as a programmer and 2-5 as an analyst in any one day).
As a project manager, you will need to make assumptions and predictions as to whether you might need additional human resources (e.g. temporary new staff) in order to be able to complete the PrivateHire Car’s system on time. You should also make assumptions about how much this will cost. You can check the cost of hiring temp staff at any stage of the project (e.g. for development, testing etc.) online for more realistic figures.

The new online system should:
1) Allow a customer to register thus creating a profile containing all relevant information to the customer, such as name, email, address, telephone number and credit card details. Once registered, a confirmation will be emailed to the user.
2) Allow customers to make a general enquiry or an enquiry about a specific trip.
3) A booking can be made either online, in person or through phoning the Call centre. Online bookings, however, will be given a 15% discount.
4) Customers should be able to choose from a number of services provided by the company, including local/long distance journeys, airport and hotel transfers, meet & greet at airports as well as driver & car for daily hire.
5) In order for a customer to make a booking of a minicab online, they need to log in and provide essential information. This will include the picking up location, the destination, the date and time of the intended journey. Furthermore, the customer should also indicate the number of passengers and the size of the minicab required e.g. a seven seater.
6) When making the online booking, the customers will also be asked whether they require the Email, Call back or Text back service. This works as follows. Once everything is confirmed an email will be send to the user. Once the driver is on route, a text message will be sent or a phone call will be made to the user about 10-15 minutes before the expected time of arrival with the minicab’s details, such as the registration number, the colour and/or the make of the car.
7) The system should also be able to check whether the minicab selected by customers is available, calculate the total, process a payment and verify card details. PrivateHire Cars accepts PayPal and all major credit cards including American express. The checking of credit card details will be done by the company’s bank, through a link to a system known as VISACheck.
8) After the payment is finalised, the system should be able to produce an on-line receipt for customers to print, which should indicate the details of their journey and the final cost.
9) After the completion of their journey, customers should be able to use the system to leave their review and star rating for their journey, the minicab with which they travelled and the driver.
10) The system must also provide an easy way to cancel or amend a booking 24 hours prior to the intended journey.
11) If a customer phones the Call centre to place an order, then the Call Centre Staff will have to follow a verification process to attempt to identify the person calling, even if they are new, and will then be able to bring up an existing customer account or create a new account for new customers.
12) The system should also allow Call Centre Staff to access all available mini cabs and drivers in order to inform customer accurately about prices and availability.
13) Call centre Staff on their end should interact with the customers through the system by sending emails or by replying to their queries. Among the actions that the Sales staff might take are: creating customer accounts, adding new minicabs or drivers, and making a booking.
14) Based on the customers’ profiles, built up over time, the system should be able to send recommendations regarding special offers. Customers should be able to use their special offers in their next booking by entering the special offer code.

In a recent meeting with PrivateHire Cars, the general manager, George Smith highlighted the benefits of the new online booking service:
 Convenience – booking a Minicab anytime and anywhere
 Privacy – booking without anyone over-hearing
 Priority – all registered online booking users will be given a priority service over phone booking
 Improved Safety – by using text confirmation, the vehicle’s details will be sent when the driver is approaching the agreed pick up point, this will eliminate the chance of being picked up by a bogus driver

Mr Smith believes that it will provide an ideal opportunity to ‘push’ sales by profiling customers and offering special deals. This move aims to cut costs significantly, provides a better way to cope with rapid growth and increases revenues through customer profiling. He believes that this new system will improve existing customer satisfaction, which is his number one priority. He further thinks that they need to reach out to new customers and try to
attract customers of different ages and backgrounds.

The Sales Director of the company, Mr Ronan, however, has different ideas about the new system. He sees this as the first step in the development of an interactive web-based system, similar to Uber, where customers can also become members of the company by registering to act as minicab drivers. This way, both the company and interested potential drivers will be
able to profit.
Call centre Staff on the other hand are not very excited with the decision to move online. They feel that dealing with customers in person is better and actually this is what makes them coming back. They believe that their friendly and welcoming approach is irreplaceable. Nevertheless, they still express concerns about losing their job as they believe that the online
system will replace their responsibilities.


Note: This is an individual coursework!! All work submitted must be your own unaided work.

You are required to produce a report documenting details on your project management approach, as well as the initial analysis and design of the PrivateHire Cars online system. The report should be brief and to the point. In preparing your UML diagrams, you are encouraged to use the IBM rational architecture CASE tool.

We require one output for this coursework:

A report (aprox 4000 words) which must include the following:

a) As a part of your project plan identify SMART objectives as well as the key stakeholders relevant to your project. Assumptions should be stated clearly.

b) Create a Gantt Chart based upon your Work breakdown structure for the PrivateHire Cars’ project, identifying the work packages and activities keeping in mind the expected time of completion. You should make sure the individual activities are clearly identified, and that any dependencies and parallel activities are made clear. You should include screenshots of your Gantt chart as part of your report. However, your MS Project file should be submitted as a zip file in the relevant Coursework Submission area by the indicated deadline.

c) Identify the costs associated with your project. You should include staff, equipment, other resources and consumables together with any fund set aside for contingencies. You should itemise each cost, showing when the expenditure would be incurred, and indicate whether this is within the budget. You may present your figures in the form of a table or in MS project itself.

d) Dissect the situation for systems development you see here in terms of the 5 Ps introduced in the first lecture: Problem, Process; Project; Product; People;

e) A Rich Picture serving as an initial exploration of the primary issues, conflicts, processes and stakeholders; Include any assumptions you had to make throughout this process.

f) A root definition (and CATWOE) to be used as a starting point for the proposed design;

g) A list of functional and non-functional requirements;

h) A conceptual analysis containing:

a. Two Detailed Use Case diagrams (use <> and <> where appropriate) from the perspective of two of your main actors. You need to create the scenarios for 3 of your main use cases.

b. A conceptual Class Diagram demonstrating the main classes with their attributes, methods and associations (aggregation/composition and generalisation where appropriate).

i) Suggest novel additional capabilities/features which could be added to the online system and to the future mobile application to improve the PrivateHire Cars business. Show these functionalities as extra use cases with a different colour on your use case diagrams.

Your report also needs to include:

1) A title page with your name and student ID.

2) Table of contents with appropriate sections.

3) Page numbers.

Please remember that large diagrams are best reproduced on a separate page. You must ensure that the diagrams are readable! Remember that this coursework is an opportunity to show what you have learned throughout this first semester of this course. Please feel free to structure your report in such a way which reflects this. You could include information which is not in the required list above in order to support your argument;

Grading Criteria

Your work will be assessed for the quality of the report you will produce. In particular, marks will be awarded for:

1) Suitable project plan and demonstration of superior use of the MS project.

2) Correct use of the first three stages of the Soft systems methodology.

3) Correct use of UML notation.

4) Suitability and consistency between the UML models (This includes selecting suitable aspects to model for each of the diagram types).

5) Coherence between the proposed system, as expressed in the root definition, with the UML diagrams.

6) Sophistication and novelty of the extra functionalities students will propose.

7) Demonstration of independent thinking.

Assessment Criteria