Solved: StockTrak Project

StockTrak is an online virtual trading simulation that we will use during the quarter. The simulation will be done in groups of 3 and each group will receive $1,000,000 to manage the portfolio throughout the quarter. The handout describes the StockTrak Portfolio Project parts, registration, and the portfolio parameters. The reports and presentations requirements are
provided in a separate handout.

The StockTrak Portfolio Project consists of four parts totaling 30% of your course grade.
 Part 1: Securities choice report (10%). Due on July 6.
 Part 2: In-class presentation of securities (5%). Scheduled for July 6.
 Part 3: Portfolio analysis report (10%). Due on August 8.
 Part 4: In-class presentation of portfolio results (5%). Scheduled for August 8.

Bonus points for the StockTrak Portfolio Project will be awarded based on your portfolio return:

The class will be using the StockTrak Summer Service (7 weeks). Cost is $19.95 per group. Each group should register individually using the class registration page at or from the StockTrak's home page at by clicking on the "students register here" button and inputting "DU-FIN3300-1-Sr17" as the class name.

Registration Start date: June 29; Registration End date: August 7.

Portfolio Parameters
 Initial cash balance: $1,000,000.
 Security types: equity, mutual funds, spots.
 The number of securities/assets in the portfolio: five or more securities/assets. To simplify portfolio monitoring, you might hold in the portfolio between five and 20 securities/assets.
You can change the portfolio holdings after reports and presentations on the choice of securities/assets (after July 6), keeping the minimum number of securities/assets at five.
 Exchanges: North American, Asian, Latin American, and European.
 Commission on Equities: $10.
 Commission on Mutual Funds: $10.
 Commission on Spots: $10.
 Minimum Stock Price for Buying: $0.25.
 Minimum Stock Price for Shorting: $3.
 Short Selling? Yes.
 Day Trading? Yes.
 Interest charged on loan: 8%.
 Interest earned on cash: 3%.
 Trading start time: June 29, 9:30 a.m.
 Trading end time: August 7, 4:00 p.m.