Solved: IS3331 Data Management

Tutorial 5 – The Enhanced ER Model

Logical Database Design & the Relational Model

  1. Transform the following diagrams to relational schema
  1. Draw an EER diagram for the following problem using Microsoft Visio.

A nonprofit organization depends on a number of different types of persons for its successful operation. The organization is interested in the following attributes for all of these persons: SSN, Name, Address, City/ State/Zip, and Telephone. Three types of persons are of greatest interest: employees, volunteers, and donors. Employees have only a Date Hired attribute, and volunteers have only a Skill attribute. Donors have only a relationship (named Donates) with an Item entity type. A donor must have donated one or more items, and an item may have no donors, or one or more donors.

There are persons other than employees, volunteers, and donors who are of interest to the organization so that a person need not belong to any of these three groups. On the other hand, at a given time a person may belong to two or more of these groups (e.g., employee and donor).

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Modern Database Management, 12th Edition, Chapter 3 & 4

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