BE 1200 Architectural & Design Project Management

Assignment 1: Feasibility Report
In this module, the lecture series will guide you through the RIBA Plan of Works and the sequential writing of the Report. Each lecture typically will last around 30-45 minutes and will introduce and discuss the relevant RIBA Work Stage or topic. During the second part of the lecture, students will present their “homework” from the previous week and we will discuss any questions arising from the previous week’s lecture/ assignment. Attendance is therefore essential to the successful completion of this module.

The Report must demonstrate your understanding through the specific application of the lecture content to your own design project.
Professional communication is an essential skill, and you are expected to utilise diagrams, images, infographics and (see fig. 1 on the previous page) – and in appropriate written English.

Academic integrity: Students must adhere to the university regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if any suspicion of plagiarism or another form of misconduct is suspected in your work. Refer to the University’s Assessment Regulations for Northumbria Awards for further details.
The latest copy is available via the following weblink

brief and submission

Prepare a feasibility report for the notional client of your first semester
studio design project (BE0623), discussing each of the four work stages required at pre-construction stages. The submission will be a flattened PDF, submitted via TurnItIn. The total report content will be no more than 20 pages, adhering to the sheet headings listed beneath (not including cover page, chapter pages, etc.) Text should be minimum 9 pt sans-serif font, 1.5 spacing. Illustrations within the presentation must include those stated in this brief presented via professional graphic standards. The report must
reference relevant legislation, codes of practice etc. that have informed your choices and research. Record all text and image references at the end of each section. The University standards for referencing are available via;
ntent/Cite_them_right_secure.pdf All work should be ‘backed-up’
for your own records.

Failure to submit: The University requires all students to submit assessed coursework by the deadline stated in the assessment brief. Where coursework is submitted without approval after the published hand-in deadline, penalties will be applied as defined in the University Policy on the Late Submission of Work:
NB: It is the students’ responsibility to negotiate an extended deadline if appropriate.