Organizational Change-Beck Consulting Corporation

Case Study 1: Read the case study, located toward the end of Organizational Change Chapter 5, titled “Beck Consulting Corporation.” After reading through the case study, address the following: --

1. Draw a new organizational chart for Beck Consulting Corporation (BCC) including a new layer of management. How many people would you elevate to this new layer of management? Explain your reasoning for selecting this number of new managers and note to whom these new managers would report. How do you imagine this new layer of managers will impact the organizational dynamics within Beck Consulting?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of paying professional employees on an hourly basis? How should Beck maintain or change her salary model? Why? What impact do you think a conventional salary model will have on BCC employees? If Beck changes the compensation system from hourly to salary, should she change other aspects of her compensation system?

3. How would you describe the organizational culture at Beck Consulting? How might the purposed new layer of managers impact the organizational culture at BCC? What, if anything, should Beck do if and when she adds a new layer of management?

4. Assume that Beck Consulting chooses to take advantage of current business opportunities and needs to grow to 100 members in the next 9 months in order to respond to the challenges. What changes would you recommend Beck undertake to ensure the continued success of her firm?

In total, your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and adhere to typical APA style and formatting (double spacing, proper APA citations, etc.)