T878-20K: Capacities for managing development

This is for an assigment for the Open Uni ?T878-20K: Capacities for managing development? Your answer should be in the form of an essay of up to 2000 words. You should include a title, the main body of text ? introduction, argument development, conclusion ? which draws on knowledge of topics covered in Part 3 and includes citations, and a full reference list at the end.


Your discussion of what makes for better development management should be built around one or more of the meanings of ‘taking development management on presented at the beginning of Part 3: Ensuring development (in the form of particular interventions) persists.

Developing development management as an academic and practice discipline – taking it forward. Challenging, confronting, evaluating, and asking serious questions of development management. Shifting development management on to more difficult territory, where it challenges dominant or established interests, values and practices. Committing oneself professionally and personally to developing development management competence. You should illustrate your argument with material related to one or more of the topics covered in Part 3: Evaluation. Good governance. Advocacy.

Organisations and transformation. Transformation through strategy. i would like an essay around ?Ensuring development (in the form of particular interventions) persists? & ?Good governance?