Concept Identification, Analysis, Middle Range Theory Development, and Clinical Application

Concept Identification, Analysis, Middle Range Theory Development, and Clinical Application: 35% of Total Grade

Introduction:  By defining, describing, and analyzing concepts, nurse scholars can develop a better understanding of how events and experiences, important to advanced practice nursing, are related to other concepts. This understanding can be used to develop middle range theories which can focus nursing assessments and can be tested through research to develop evidence-based interventions.

  1. Watch the film Breathing Lessons: “The Life of Mark O’Brien”(  )as a case study which you can find on the internet.
  2. Make a list of all of the concepts that you identify as relevant to the nursing care of Mark.
  3. Select from your list, three concepts that you believe are related and provide a conceptual definition of each concept based on a review of the literature.
  4. Conduct a concept analysis for each of the three concepts based the literature (provide references):
    1. What are the antecedents to the concept?
    1. What are the characteristics of the concept or defining attributes?
    1. What are the consequences or outcomes of the concept?
  5. Write a statement that:
    1. Names your middle range theory
    1. Identifies the propositions or relationships among the concepts
    1. Draw a conceptual map that illustrates how the concepts are related.
  6. Apply knowledge of the three concepts (antecedents, characteristics, and consequences/outcomes) in formulating nursing assessment questions related to each of the concepts of your middle range theory.
  7. Identify a published theory that may also be of value in guiding advanced practice nursing in the care of Mark O’Brien nursing based on the literature and your own scholarly thinking.  (Provide References).
  8. Explain why you are a nurse theorist.
Assignment ComponentsPossible PointsEarned Points
List of concepts from Film- Breathing Lessons-M. O’Brien5 points 
Conceptual definition of 3 selected concepts based on the literature with references3 points 
Concept Analysis: Concept 1:Concept 2:Concept 3:References included in the text12 points (4 pts for each concept) 
Statement of your Middle Range Theory3 points 
Nursing Assessment Questions6 points 
Identify published theory that may guide practice with references3 points 
Explain why you are a nurse theorist3 points 
 Student Name:TOTAL GRADE