Part A - Synchronous Sequential Logic

Task 1)

In order to understand why sequential logic is required to produce the Grey Code you have been asked to: Clearly describe the operational characteristics of combinational and sequential logic devices. (ensure your answer includes JK or D type flip-flops as a minimum)

Learning Outcome 2.1

Task 2)

You now need to proceed with the design process:

a)     Design a synchronous sequential logic counter arrangement using either D type devices or JK devices to provide a 3-bit Grey Code count.         

Learning Outcome 2.2

b)    Select appropriate logic devices and construct and test your design (using logic tutors) and simulate a test to verify your design                                     

Learning Outcome 2.3 and 2.4

Part B - Asynchronous Sequential Logic

Task 3)


The generator which drives the rotating equipment has developed a fault which requires the starting sequence to be operated in a specific manner.

The start signal (Z) for a generator is produced when the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The glow plug switch is closed (A)
  • The cooling system is switched on (B)
  • The generator will only start if (A) is present before (B)

a).        Design an asynchronous sequential circuit to meet the conditions specified.

Learning Outcome 2.2

b).        Select appropriate logic devices and construct and test your circuit (using logic tutors), then simulate and test to verify your circuit design.                          

Learning Outcome 2.3 and 2.4

Finally Include

In your assignment state all reference sources including websites, books, journals, magazines etc that have used to produce your results and conclusions