Poverty and Public Policy SWK 301 Spring 2021

Policy Analysis Worksheets

Each policy analysis worksheet is identical, the only thing that changes is the policy.

You may select any of the policies listed on the syllabus to focus on for this assignment.

For each policy:

  • Identify the policy specifically. What is the policy for/what does it do?
  • When was the policy started?
  • At what level is the policy (federal, state, local)?
  • Why was this policy enacted?
  • Who is impacted by the policy? (who is the policy for? Give examples of who might benefit from the policy)
  • Find historical documents that describe what was happening at the time that the policy was created. Advertisements or fact sheets, or newspaper articles, or pictures directly related to the policy. You will need to use the library to complete this part of the task. Include 2 historical documents on each policy analysis worksheet.
  • Describe how the policy was “sold” to American’s when it was first introduced, refer to your documents as examples.
  • Has the policy lived up to what it was intended to do?
  • What are three positive aspects to the policy?
  • What are three negative aspects to the policy?
  • How does this policy inform social and institutional structures that contribute to social justice/injustice?
  • If you were to advocate for one change to the policy, what would it be? Why?
  • Use one of the policy analysis frameworks listed in the syllabus, presented in the text, or discussed in class. Identify which framework that you are using, and apply the principals associated with that framework.

You will be submitting a written analysis of 2 pages, plus copies of the historical documents that you have found. These two pages DO NOT include your cover page or your references, or the documents.

These worksheets are worth 15 points each.

To earn 15 points: Thoughtfully respond to each requirement for the selected policy. Support your position(s) with citations where appropriate. Present accurate information about the policy that indicates a depth of searching for information as well as an understanding of the policy. Use policy analysis methods discussed in class.

To earn 10 points: Respond to each requirement for the selected policy. Spelling and grammatical errors present. Lack of support or citations throughout where appropriate. Weak historical documentation/no clear explanation as to how the policy was described/sold to the public. To earn 0 points: do not complete and submit a worksheet by each of the 4 deadlines.