Creating a Multimedia Presentation

Student Guide


The purpsose of this assignment is to create a multimedia presentation to convince a group of your peers to join you in taking a stand on an important global issue that impacts the future.


          Computer

          Internet

          Presentation software

          Notebook or notecards

Assignment Instructions

Step 1:   Review the assignment requirements carefully.

a) Your presentation must include information on a global issue impacting the future.

b)  You must explain the issue and provide supporting details.

c) You must make a claim and give reasons why you believe your claim to be true.

d) You must include evidence to support your reasons.

e) You must use rhetorical techniques that appeal to the audience.

Step 2:   Consider the required elements of the multimedia presentation.

a) Create your presentation on the computer using presentation or video-editing software.

b) Create a presentation that is clearly organized.

c) Use text and graphics appropriately and effectively.

d) Ensure that your presentation is neat, easy to follow, and visually appealing.

e) Include digital media, such as images, video, or audio.

Step 3:   Think about these steps for creating a successful presentation.

a) Plan – Sketch or outline your presentation before you begin. Establish the order in which you will present your information and the media you are going to include.

b) Draft – Create a rough draft of your presentation.

c) Revise – Review your work, correct mistakes, and make improvements.

d) Practice reading your presentation aloud.

Step 4:   Evaluate your presentation using this checklist. When you can answer “yes” to all of the questions, you are ready to submit your presentation.

Student Guide (continued)

  Yes  No  Evaluation Question
    Did you create your presentation on a computer using presentation or video-editing software?
    Does your presentation include multimedia elements, such as images, charts, video, or audio?
    Does your presentation include your claim about a global issue?
    Does your presentation include reasons that explain your belief?
    Does your presentation include evidence to support your reasons?
    Does your presentation use text to convey main ideas, when appropriate?
    Does your presentation include rhetorical techniques to appeal to the audience?
    Does your presentation demonstrate your research in a clear and straightforward way?
    Does your presentation cite relevant information from credible sources?
    Is your presentation neat, easy to follow, and visually appealing?
    Does your presentation use correct punctuation and grammar?

Step 5:   Revise and submit your presentation.

a) If you were unable to answer “yes” to all of the questions on the checklist, revise and save your presentation before submitting it.

b) When you have completed your presentation, return to the Virtual Classroom and use the “Add files” option to locate and submit your assignment. Ask your teacher for assistance if necessary. Congratulations! You have created a presentation that effectively communicates your research.

c) Ask your teacher for further instructions if you will give your presentation to an audience of your peers.