Project Part 2: Summaries


Using the three (3) professional, peer-reviewed journal articles you found in Part 1, summarize each article in 1-2 paragraphs describing what the authors researched or studied, any new findings, and how this relates to this class.

This is a very broad topic but it will set you up for your final project. Basically, I am looking for any human biology topic that impacts us as a society (autism/vaccines, gene mapping, cloning, environmental issues, obesity, etc.). I do not want research strictly on what a topic is, I want to see the connection to today's world.

Using APA formatting, provide the full reference for each article. Then,

  • Each article must be full text (not just the abstract), from a professional journal (in print or web based). NIH, NIDA, SAMSHA, and other government agencies will also be accepted.
  • The citation must be in APA format.
  • This is a research based project. There should be no reference to "I", we", etc. unless you were one of the researchers. This is not about your opinion or your experience.

Using the Harold C. Smith Learning Commons or the internet (I love this website:, find three (3) professional, peer-reviewed journal articles relating to one specific topic that relates to a "Contemporary Issue in Human Biology".

Submit annotated bibliography for three professional/peer-reviewed articles for use in Final Project