Current Event Analysis #3

In this assignment, you will analyze one current event through the lens of any topic from Chapters 1-15. To complete this assignment, you will identify a current event and discuss it through the lens of a topic (or topics) from our classroom discussions. You need to utilize a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed academic journal articles found in the Goodwin library and write a 500+ word analysis connecting the current event to:

(1) the academic research and (2) information found in Chapters 1-15. Last, you must include a link to the article/topic you are analyzing. Since this is a current events assignment, you need to choose an article that is no more than 6 months old. Examples of topics / current events may include: nature vs. nurture, conditioning and learning, gender roles, perception, psychosocial influences, sensation, learning, voting, athletics, politics, gender equity, etc.

Provide a 500+ word discussion of your interpretations and findings. The following questions are a few examples of what to address: What psychological words or phrases appear repeatedly in the current event article? Describe these concepts. What problem(s) or issue(s) is being discussed or analyzed?

How does it relate to the one of the psychological concepts from chapters 1-15? What does the current research say about the topic? Cite your research. What does the historical research say about the topic? Cite your research.

The 500+ word analysis must include APA formatting: title page, headers, 500+ word analysis, reference page using APA citations. See the ?Announcements? section for APA expectations and academic research expectations.