English 4 - 2021: Too Fast and too Furious?

''A karate master does not kill people with his bare hands. He does not lose his temper and kill his wife. The person who kills is the person who has no discipline, no restraint, and who has purchased his power in the form of a Saturday night special. And that is the kind of power that science fosters and permits. And that is why you think that to build a place like this is simple." (307)

"We are witnessing the end of the scientific era. Science, like other outmoded systems, is destroying itself. As it gains in power, it proves itself incapable of handling the power. Because things are going very fast now. Fifty years ago, everyone was gaga over the atomic bomb.

That was power. No one could imagine anything more. Yet, a bare decade after the bomb, we began to have genetic power. And genetic power is far more potent than atomic power. And it will be in everyone's hands. It will be in kits for backyard gardeners. Experiments for schoolchildren. Cheap labs for terrorists and dictators. And that will force everyone to ask the same question-What should I do with my power?-which is the very question science says it
cannot answer.

'So what will happen?' Ellie said.
Malcolm shrugged. 'A change.'
'What kind of change?'
'All major changes are like death,' he said. 'You can't see to the other side until you are
there."' (313-14)

Writing Task:
Throughout Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton argues that unlike previous quantum leaps in science and/ or technology, the genetic (biotechnology) revolution is broad-based, thoughtless (frivolous), and uncontrolled. He cites his concern over the lack of government and scientific supervision in the introduction to his novel, Jurassic Park. Over the course of this unit of study, you have read selected articles and watched documentaries on the development and application of new technologies within our society. Using these technologies as a focus, argue in favor of, or against, Michael Crichton's cautionary premise regarding technological advancement in a thoughtful, well-written, and well-supported essay.

1200 minimum for a "C" 1500 minimum for an "A" ' Typed, double spaced, 12 point font: Times New Roman, one inch margins, MLA format (Heading & Header) including parenthetical citations of your evidence Works Cited Page must be included (it is not included in the word count) Reference the articles or other videos a minimum of five times (You may use articles and documentaries provided in class or find your own.)
Essay due by 9am Tuesday, March 23rd.
There will be no extensions granted beyond March 31st.