Essay 3 –Synthesis Paper

Essay 3 –Synthesis Paper (1000 words)

  • To synthesize, is to make a connection between various components that might appear to be unrelated at first glance.
  • In your synthesis essay, you will bring together 3 works (you can’t use Reunion and you can’t use We Real Cool)
  • In addition to analysis, you must find and present eloquent the common thread that brings them together.
  • Avoid overly cliché themes. Instead, find an aspect that when further investigated brings cohesion to the works.
  • Option 1: Those Winter Sundays, Shout and My Papa’s Waltz
  • Option 2: A Rose for Emily, We Wear the Mask, and Funeral Blues
  • Option 3: The Story of an Hour, Shout and We Wear the Mask
  • You MUST select one of the three options that I have provided to you

Similarity percentage: 25%

Synthesis Essay Checklist

Write an essay in which you synthesize 3 works from the given options