English 1301: Race Relations in America

Essay #2

Spring 2021

For the second essay of this semester, you are going to relate your opinion concerning the state of Race Relations in America. I want to find out your opinion/position on where we are as a nation concerning this important issue. Your opinion on this topic will be framed by at least one of the readings you were assigned:

  • John Lewis’ “Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of our Nation”
  • Sally Kohn’s The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity
  • Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Speech “The Hill We Climb”
  • Valarie Kaur’s “Breathe and Push”

Your discussion will:

  1. Relate your opinion/position concerning the topic
  2. Cite at least one of the above texts on which you will build your discussion
  3. Reference Jane Elliott’s “Eye of the Storm” video
  4. Propose a solution to the issue of race relations in America

*Consider for this essay using information from one (or several) of the three discussions on race you submitted to me a few weeks ago.  The research process often includes using sources and discussions you have already conducted.

Essay Requirements: Because English 1301 is a research course, carefully consider your text selections and source citations throughout. Additionally, include a Works Cited Page according to MLA requirements and format (Google MLA Works Cited Page for an example).

Essay Requirements:

  1. Your discussion must be no more than four (4) pages, typed, DS.
  2. Your discussion will be told in THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW only.
  3. Your discussion must propose a solution.
  4. Your discussion must contain rich details that create strong visual images and demonstrate sophisticated thinking as well as college level composition skills.

Further, your essay

  • must have a TITLE.
  • must be double-spaced, and use standard margins (1-1.5”), Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Essays not following these requirements will not be accepted for grading.
  • must meet the required length (3.5-4 pages).
  • must identify – by underlining or highlighting – your THESIS STATEMENT.
  • Must have the following information in the UPPER LEFT-HAND CORNER:

First/Last Name


English 1301: Section Meeting Days/Time

R. Rodriguez

Ending NotesSunday, March 28: Zoom Office Hour to assist with Essay #2

                                                            1-2pm. Zoom invite will be sent, attendance is not


Final Essay Due Date: Wednesday, March 31 by 12 noon.

Email your final essay to:  ruben.rodriguez@austincc.edu   

Write in SUBJECT LINE: Essay #2, Saturday 9:00AM

Essay submission time will be closely monitored; no late essays will be accepted unless arrangements have been made with me.