Exam pos2112 number Two

Answer four Questions. Due 4/30

  1. Explain the differences between judicial activism and restraint.  Cite examples.  Also, in your answer discuss  the purpose of Amicus Curie briefs.
  2. In your community discuss some push factors  and some pull factors.  What can decrease  some of the push factors?
  3. Why are voting Refendaís important in local politics? Cite and talk about one important in Florida. Amendments in our state are also important to talk about  as you wish. 
  4. What is the difference between a progressive tax and a regressive one?  Cite outside examples.
  5. Talk about the Bakke V California case in 1978 and the Gutter V Bollinger cases in 2003. What do these cases tell us about the civil rights movement? 
  6. Talk about some problems in our public education system.  Can any of them be fixed by vouchers?
  7. Discuss the major elements of the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. What are the main issues of contention?  Be sure to discuss how states are working with this.
  8. Talk about a bill or law in Florida? that Interest you. I would like to know what the bill covers. How does it aim to fix problems?
  9. How do Republicans and Democrats differ on the economy?  Please cite bills or policy.