Cultural Web Tool Assignment

Read the Barber Cardiosystems case.

Your job for this assignment is to assess the situation utilizing specific tools.

Assume your team are consultants hired to assist the company.  You will complete an analysis of the company's environment and assess their strategic alignment.  Pay specific attention to the compensation system being used and its effectiveness.  Provide a report that highlights the analyses you performed, the problems you have identified, and the solutions you propose.  

Your portion of the report cannot exceed one page (12-point font, double-spaced, not including appendices or references).   

For this report, you will complete the following tool:

  • Cultural Web

Most of this report should be your own thoughts and opinions.  There are no definitive answers to this case or the analyses/tools used for the case.  It is important that you put significant thought into the analyses you perform to get robust answers.  It will be these answers that you use to support your identification of issues and ultimately the solutions you provide.  There are video lectures for each tool available to assist you in how to think about each analysis.