Using a Museum for Social Studies

Using a Museum for Social Studies After reading the articles in the module and checking out the exhibits found at MARBLES Kids Museum, you will describe a Kindergarten class field trip to Marbles Kids Museum!

You will describe the focus of your trip, imagine the projects children can do in the class as follow up; and describe the final presentation for the public (parents and other school members.)

Marbles has many interesting exhibits related to Social Studies (community helpers, occupations, dramatic play, economics, building social skills, etc..) Your kindergarten class will take a trip to Marbles. Discuss the focus of the trip. What lessons will you do to prep the students for the exhibits? (For example, will you discuss community helpers, talk about careers, complete a lesson on needs and wants, etc...) Marbles also offers many STEM opportunities; For example, there is a design exhibition where students build cars, use tools, and design clothing. This is a great opportunity for students to explore STEM in the ″real world″. · Coming home, what types of projects do you envision the children doing in the classroom as a follow-up? In paragraph form, describe what projects you would do to enhance the learning experience.

For example: Will you have a career day, have students create something based on an exhibit, etc... · In paragraph form, describe the final display that will be set up for parents to view. What it will look like? Format: One page paper with three bolded titles: Preparing for the trip (What lessons will you teach? How will you prepare students for what they will see and make the trip intentional? For example, there is an exhibit all about different occupations. Before the trip, what activities will you do about occupations? What stories might you read? What centers or activities might you set up about occupation.)

The creations or projects (What activities or project will you do to as a follow-up after your visit to Marbles? For example, you might allow students to have come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. The final display (How will you display the student work? Will you have students present to parents and school members? For example, you might have them draw pictures of what they want to be when they grow up and make a class book.

Grading: 0-40

The class trip desсrіptions and preparation lessons 0-40 Desсrіption of the creations the children make and how they made them 0-20 Describe your final display 100 pts. Total These are the links that you need to use.