Research Paper-Exploring a Theory

Research and choose a topic (a problem, issue, or challenge that a specific population experiences, e.g. domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, gang violence). Read a (minimum of 5) journal articles, peer-reviewed article.

Research three theories that explain your topic

There will be two graded deliverables for this assignment:

  • Visual depiction/chart copied from one or more of the 5 journal article you read and
  • The narrative description

In your narrative description, you must address all the following points

  1. Identify and describe the main issue of your social problem (include statistical information throughout your paper)
  2. Identify three major theories or viewpoints about the topic from the 5 journal articles you researched (at least 5 or more)
  3. Describe the main developers/founders for each theory or viewpoint
  4. Discuss the evolution of the theories or viewpoints (how the theories were developed)
  5. Discuss briefly how such theories and viewpoints based on their major tenets, assumptions, concepts, etc. address the topic and discuss differences and similarities to one another.
  6. Add one paragraph that states what/which theory you agree and disagree with and
  7. Cite all the 5 journal articles you have read in the paper. Cite information in APA style.

This narrative description should be no longer than 5 pages and double-spaced.

The paper must be written following the APA writing style

Acceptable Fonts: Calibri, Times New Roman, and Arial

The paper must be saved as a WORD document

See the attached Rubric and Video/audio instructions if needed.