Writing Assignment 2B (Statistics in the World)

Write  a paper  on the below topic.  Your paper  must  satisfy the following requirements:

• 3 to 5 pages plus a short  reflection letter  (1 page at most - see below for details)

• must  be double spaced with one inch margins  all around

• font must  be Times New Roman  with 12 point font size

• use at least three  references and list them  in the bibliography  (Wikipedia  does not count)

• do NOT plagiarize!  Express everything  in your own words.  Note plagiarism can be detected easily with software!

Due Date:  Thursday May 13

Task:  Write an essay describing at least four detailed examples where statistics\probability play a prominent role. Some areas to consider for your essay where statistics\probability is crucial are social sciences, criminal justice, actuarial  science, biostatistics, sports, economics, machine learning,  epidemiology, and physics.  Use a minimum of four references.  Cite your references at the end of your essay.  Conclude your essay by describing your education  and career goals. Do you expect statistics\probability to be useful in your career?  If so, in what way?

Writing an  Essay: A 3-4 page essay should consist of roughly 7-9 paragraphs. The body of the essay should consist of an introductory paragraph, several paragraphs of discussion, and a concluding paragraph. The introduction should prepare  the reader for the content to follow, including  the  purpose  of the  essay, while the  conclusion not  only summarizes,  but also unifies any themes or delivers any punchlines.  The paragraphs in the body should both deliver on the introductory paragraph and support  any conclusions to made at the end.

Reflection Letter:  Attach  a short  reflection letter  (at  most 1 page) with the final  draft of your  essay,  where you reflect on the  role of writing  assignments  in statistics.  Does a writing  intensive  statistics course enhance  your understanding of the  subject  compared  to other non-writing  intensive mathematics courses?

Note:  If you use any books or articles,  do NOT plagiarize!  Plagiarism  is easily detected using software.  Explain everything  in your own words