ENTR 382 Project Template

The Format of Project

  1. Introduction

This template is designed to assist you in writing the project in the correct format as required by the ENTR 382. This template should serve as a starting point for any student writing a project. The headings and style give an indication of the sections required in the project. The project should be typed, using double-line spacing, and be 20 pages in length. You should provide here a clear explanation of the topic, including a summary of what you have already known about that topic, and clear explanation for the project problem.

  • QuickBooks System

Give an overview about the QuickBooks system. You need to write one to two page about the using of QuickBooks in the US market.

  • Financial Statement QuickBooks

In this section, you need to write how the financial statements can be prepared in the QuickBooks system. These statements include

  1. Income statement
  2. Balance Sheets
  3. Cash Flow Statement
  4. Bank Reconciliation
  5. Tax In QuickBooks

In this section, you need to write how taxes can be calculated in the QuickBooks system. These taxes include:

  1. Income Tax (Corporate and Individual)
  2. Sales Tax
  3. Case Description

This is where you should explain how the selected US Company used QuickBooks system, and how this system contributed in the organization, planning and decision making processes. You can use sub-headings to clarify your work in more details, this is the way to format them.

  • Case Analysis

This section is very important as the analysis approach reflect your understanding of ENTR 382 course. You need to explain how QuickBooks affect the company profits and revenues. Provide an analysis of the data collection for your project for example documents and reports.

  • Discussion and Argument

You need to link here between the case analysis and related ENTR 382 course. In this section, you need to use the QuickBooks terminology to reinforce your discussion, and show the differences and similarities between the QuickBooks used by the company and the one in the course.

  • Conclusions

You need to provide a summary of your conclusions about the project, QuickBooks system in the company, and the US company.

  • References

A full list of references using APA style to key texts and articles must be included. For example