Iceberg Model and Systems Thinking

Do some research to discover how the "iceberg model" is used to help with systems thinking.

Iceberg ModelUncover root causes of events by looking at hidden levels of abstractions.

Use what your have learned about the iceberg model to answer the following questions about the topic you have chosen for the final project. You can present this information in any way you like (as a diagram, video, PowerPoint, chart, etc).

Before you begin, state the industry and the single complex problem you have chosen to focus on for the final project.

Next, answer the four questions below:

1. What is the event (what is the visible problem)?

2. What are some patterns or trends over time that contribute to the event?

3. What are some underlying structures? What has influenced the patterns?

4. What are the mental models that influence the structures (what are some assumptions, beliefs and values that people have toward the issue?)