Project Hypothetical BUS 201

Students will work individually to complete an analytical report based on a hypothetical situation introduced by the instructor.  This report is worth 20% of your overall grade in the course.

The focus of the report will be on spotting various legal topics from the first two sections of the course (Chapters 1-18 and 23) and completely analyzing the topics as well as drawing relevant conclusions and recommendations You should write your report based in chronological order. The report will be due near the end of the semester as indicated on the Course Calendar.

Although there is no minimum set length for the report, a cursory report that merely seeks to identify topics without proper analysis and/or conclusions will most likely not earn a passing grade.

Additionally, although you may discuss aspects of the hypothetical with your classmates, it is expected that each student will prepare his/her own report.


x    Use a formal tone (not informal)

x    Use 10, 11, or 12 font in Times New Roman or Arial.

x    Utilize one-inch margins (top, bottom, sides).