Assignment Research Report

You are to write a research essay. Your essay will be about a topic related to Julius Caesar.

For this essay, you will

  • Choose a topic related to the content of this unit.
  • Conduct research on your topic and identify at least two sources to include.
  • Take notes on your topic and compile the information in an organized way.
  • Compose a 500-750-word essay that includes an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Support your thesis with reasons and evidence.
  • Incorporate evidence such as facts, definitions, and quotations from your research.
  • Write objectively in a formal tone using third-person point of view.
  • Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
  • Submit your Revising and Editing checklist.

How are women portrayed in Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar  is a player about men, relationships, there culture’s and other actions. Male dominated world of ancient Rome, characters have a distint understanding or what it means to be or act like a man. Women in Julius Caesar represents everything that Roman men are not supposed to be. The utter disdain men show for feminine traits eventually proves shortsighted things as they argue what women and their special gifts are not taken lightly. In Julius Caesar, masculinity implies not bravely, but also steadfastness. The opposite traits and weaknesses, fearfulness, and inconstancy are mainly associated with women. The Men characters continue to use the terms “womanish” to tell other men perceived as timid or other words tractable. Brutus refers to use the words “melting spirits of women” and Caesar call for water following his epileptic seizure is derided as actions of silk girl. Men do exhibits of wavering, it often means their temporary weakness on their mothers whose spirits counteract the decisive, stalwart natures they have inherited from their dads. One point Casca describes “three or four wrenches” enthusiastically forgiving Caesar for his fit  and claims that they wouldn’t have did the same stuff if the dude Caesar had stabbed their mother, furthering of the portrait of women as fickle, foolish,  and gullible. Women characters of Julius Caesar seen to be internalize these distinctions as well. This women named Portia makes several blanket statements about the female character, exclaiming How hard it fearing her husbands safety, she contracts her firm, resolute  “man’s heart”, which can withstand the strain, with timorous “woman’s might” Just as the men perceive the influence of all their mothers and their farther’s being at odds within their own selves, Portia sees a masculine side of herself competing with her feminine nature.Similarly, when Portia wishes that she can claims powers on herself, she does it by invoking her male ancestors, inverting the men tendency to blame their undesirable qualities on their female ancestors. After Brutus refuses to acknowledge that her status as wife earn her rights to share all of is secrets. She also take an contrary track and tries to appeal him as a kind of fellow male.She claims that being descended from the great Cato, not to mention having been chosen by Brutus himself, makes her stronger than her sex. Being so fathered and so husbanded. Then to further prove her emotional and physical strength.