Nature Vs. Nurture in Childhood

When it comes to child development, there have been many debates on how nature, nurture, or a combination of both affect a childís development. You will write a 5-6 page APA paper that will analyze how both the environment (nurture) and genetics (nature) can either have a positive or negative effect on a child. Once you choose a topic, your goal will be to debate both sides of the argument (nature vs. nurture). For example, if you choose physical development as your topic, you will need to choose at least two theories/arguments that support how nature (theory/argument #1) and nurture (theory/argument #2) influence a childís physical development. You will also include a case study/child example that will support one of your theories/arguments discussed. You can include a personal example if one of the children below does not apply to your topic.

Things to know:

1.   This paper is worth 100 points.

2.   The assignment will be typed and double-spaced in APA FORMAT

3.   You will submit this paper through D2L

4.   You are required to include 3 scholarly sources or more in your paper (i.e. journal articles, web pages, books, videos, etc.).

Grade Rubric

In order to get full points within each category, you must include all the requirements below.