I Am Not Your Negro

Please answer the following questions and keep them numbered.

1. Of the six documentary modes covered in the reading and slides, which one do you believe is most prominently represented in this film? Briefly support of your answer.

2. I Am Not Your Negro is a film that is composed almost entirely of montage sequences. Identify a montage sequence from the film, name what style of montage sequence it is (American, Soviet, French), and briefly describe what you think the purpose or message of the montage is in relationship to James Baldwin?s text (the film?s narration track.)

3. First, identify a cultural artifact referenced in the film (such as archival footage or clips from pop culture that either James Baldwin makes reference to directly or that the film?s director Raoul Peck included in the documentary) and discuss the dominant ideological belief that the artifact encodes. Second, briefly discuss what you think the purpose of including this cultural artifact was in the film (was it to offer context, support an argument, reveal something about history or society, etc.?)

4. James Baldwin compares Birmingham, Alabama to ____ Vietnam A nightmare Mars The sun