Rhetorical Argument

Argument: A strategy for developing an essay. To argue is to attempt to convince a reader to agree with a point of view, to make a given decision, or to pursue a particular course of action. Logical argument is based on reasonable explanations and appeals to the reader’s intelligence.

Situation: So far this semester we have read texts from talented writers all whom made observations about our world and argued their positions. The purpose of this assignment is to motivate you to think about a position for which you care deeply. After carefully considering your claims (thesis) from both sides of the argument, your task is to prove to the world (your instructor and classmates) that you are right. For example, if for your argument you propose that students should be granted more rights, and then explain in details what these rights should include, how they would make a student’s life better, and what the results would be if students were granted these freedoms. Then consider the other side of the argument, and describe a couple of the setbacks or problems that could develop if students were given more rights.

Purpose: In selecting a position for this assignment, it is important that you choose accordingly. In order to compose a successful argument both sides of the argument should be considered. That being said, DO NOT pick a side that you are so in favour of/opposed to that you cannot rationally consider the alternative. While your task is ultimately to refute the major opposing argument(s), you must entertain and represent them “fairly” at all times. Remember I am not asking for a research essay. I want you to demonstrate your skills as an effective arguer. DO NOT pick an issue that is a moral debate such as abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty or my example. You are not going to change anyone’s opinion in a 1000 word essay…so do not try…and I do not want to read it.

Do not turn these essay into a personal narrative, you are incorporating all your skills you have developed thus far. The word count presents an opportunity for a focused argument.

Rhetorical Strategies: Argument

Recommended Length: 1000 words