The Case Study

Advanced Geography; Gisela Frias

A Case Study is a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject of study (the case), (in geography this is normally a place).


•Research for specific information on your case study

•Look for data, information about the place you have chosen as a case study

•You need general geographical information about the place (case study) such as 


-Physical/historical information

•as well as more specific information that relates the place (case study) to the theme covered by your literature review

-Data on your place in the context of your topic

How to search for Case Study information


–Find a map of the region (area)

–Don’t forget you need to reference maps/images

•Physical and General Geographical Information 

•Atlas, encyclopedias, textbooks, books

•Specific Academic Journal Articles

–Those that use your case study


•Start with the more general information about the place

•Move towards the more specific information that relates to your theme but stay case study focus


•The case study write up is mainly descriptive

•It uses a mix style

•While giving data you can state information as facts (make sure you reference this)

–The population of China is estimated at 1,393,783,836 as of July 1, 2014. (Worldometers Info)

•When reporting on case study information as it relates to the theme use the same style as the literature review

–According to Festini (2004) there are two outcomes of the Chinese demographic policy that are now a cause of concern.

Checklist for the Case Study