Unit 3 - Using the Research Process to Build an Argument

Overview of Unit  3

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In Unit 3, you will choose a topic and work with it for the rest of the semester. The assignments in this unit are meant to take you step by step through the research process, from generating an idea to developing a well-thought-out claim based on research that you will use as the basis for the Researched Argument Essay you will write in Unit 4.

The culminating assignments in this unit are the Annotated Bibliography and the Exploratory Essay.

Unit 3 Topics and Objectives

This unit will focus on:

Selecting and narrowing a topic

Distinguishing issue questions from information questions

Developing your own issue question

Identifying information questions to answer as you pursue your issue question

Proposing a topic for the Researched Argument Essay

Generating and using search terms and keywords

Compiling an annotated bibliography of high-quality sources

Effectively integrating and documenting source material with your own ideas

Writing an exploratory essay in which you consider different viewpoints on

your issue question.

Objectives for Unit 3:

Demonstrate critical thinking by formulating an appropriate topic that allows multiple viewpoints

Generate questions about a topic to guide research and argumentation

Compare and synthesize viewpoints and information

Analyze rhetoric in selected sources

Practice integration and documentation of sources using standard MLA Support your own position on a topic using logic and other appeals

Reading List:

Chapters 7-9 of Practical Argument

Review Chapter 5 of Practical Argument

Library Resources, selected videos (also available in the left-hand menu)

Getting help:

It's a good idea to keep in touch with your instructor as you work through Unit

3. Feeling stuck is frequently part of the research process, but since each activity and assignment in this part of the course builds on the one before, please don't wait until you miss a deadline to ask for help if you need it.

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