The Nike Lobbyist Speech

Nike/New Balance Case Study Team Assignment:

EECO 5103                                                                                                     

Premise: You are a Nike lobbyist who has been granted 5 minutes to speak with Senator Ima Crook.  Senator Crook must decide whether to vote to ratify a trade agreement that would eliminate tariffs on imported Vietnamese footwear.

Assignment: Write a 5-minute speech supporting this statement: Elimination of import tariffs on Vietnamese footwear is in America’s national interest.

As you write the speech, it may help focus your argument if you highlight gain or lose in the following:

Stakeholder                             Gain or Lose if Import Tariffs on Vietnamese Footwear Are Eliminated?

U.S. Consumers                                              GAIN                          LOSE

U.S. High-skill footwear workers                   GAIN                          LOSE

U.S. Low-skill footwear workers                   GAIN                          LOSE

U.S. Government (revenue)                            GAIN                          LOSE

Nike Shareholders                                           GAIN                          LOSE

New Balance Owner(s)                                   GAIN                          LOSE

Vietnam footwear workers                             GAIN                          LOSE

“The Environment”                                         GAIN                          LOSE 

Other stakeholders you may think of:

                                                                        GAIN                          LOSE

                                                                        GAIN                          LOSE

                                                                        GAIN                          LOSE

Your argument will not be convincing if you completely ignore the negative effects of the elimination of the tariffs.

You will submit your written speech for a grade. 

Please write your speech on page 2 of this document.

Up to 4 students work as a team and submit the same speech.  Please put all team member names on each submission, so I can keep track.

Due by: 11:59PM Saturday April 17, 2021

Write your speech below: