Business Analytics (4014SSL) Coursework 2

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  1. Introduction
  2. Forecasting

        2.1 Data description

       2.2 The trends

  • Additive OR multiplicative forecasting
  • Clustering
  • Conclusion
INTRODUCTIONGive general statement about time series data, then discuss what do you plan to do next.
Task one 
Data descriptionDescribe excel data, calculate the average number for each year then tell the heist average and lowest average, try to visualise your data using graphs.
Trend analysisGive brief description about trend, what does trend analysis serve for? Visualise your trend analysis by creating graphs such as: BAR CHART. CLUTTERED COLUMN CHART. THE LINE CHART, THE LINE CHART TREND, THE LINE CHART - QUARTERS
Time series forecasting*Identify Time series forecasting. *Explain forecasting processes: In order to be able to forecast we need to be able to model what is happening. 1. Identifying the Trend 2. Time series Plot 3. Calculate the moving average. 4. plot the trend line on a graph. 5. What do you notice from the graph? Your answer will tell you the most appropriate model for this data. Either additive OR multiplicative model for forecasting.   Note: justify you answer of using specific model
Task 2 
ClusteringCritically debate the theoretical concepts regarding clustering using reliable academic references (Types of clustering, clustering steps…etc)
ConclusionSum up the key points of discussion.

To revise your knowledge about forecasting and clustering Please do revision for week 7&8 lectures and seminars activities.