3.1 Discussion

Week 3

Week 3: April 12 - 18

Each weekly folder contains a list of assignments to help you stay organized.

Important: Preview ALL tasks for this week and notice how they build on each other and lead you to completion of the Synthesis Paper. Please, complete the tasks in the given order and select the articles with the paper assignment in mind.

Due Wednesday, April 14:

Read Chapter 8 and 9 of Practical Argument

3.1 Discussion Topic

3.2 Assignment

3.3 Assignment

Due Sunday, April 18:

Read Chapter 10 of Practical Argument

Draft a minimum of one response for the 3.1 Discussion Topic

3.4 Assignment

3.5 Argument Synthesis Paper

3.1 Discussion


Use criteria of accuracy, credibility, objectivity, currency, comprehensiveness, and authority to evaluate a source of information


Read the three sources provided in Practical Argument between pages 294-299, and evaluate  two of the three sources for the following:

accuracy, credibility, objectivity, currency, comprehensiveness, authority

Tip #1: You do not need to compose a formal paragraph for each source, but your sentences should be complete sentences.

Tip #2: If you need some inspiration to help you during this activity, it might be helpful to assume that you are preparing to write an argumentative essay on the topic of whether information posted on social-networking sites threatens privacy.

Due: Wednesday, Week 3

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