Henri Matisse and Lydia Delectorskaya

Portrait of Lydia Delectorskaya 1947 by Henri Matisse

Artist picked: Henri Matisse

Painting picked: Lydia Delectorskaya

  1. Choose an artist / artwork that you can connect to / relate to/ that has meaning to you/ and are capable of creating an artwork in the style/ technique used.
  2. Include the style he used in his work perhaps the use of cubism
  • Research the type of symbolism used. Show that in your work. Explain it in your reflection of your process.
  • Include the costuming of the era. Show that in your work.
  1. Write a personal reflection with additional research about your artwork, artist, and style.
  2. Describe the artwork and medium.
  3. Describe the artist’s style and research his/her background/ history. (You must fully explain how this artist worked and what this style represents.)
  4. Explain why you chose this style. (How do you relate to this artist and this style?)
  5. Explain any symbolism used.
  6. Explain the message and self expression you are trying to convey.
  7. What can we as the viewer learn about you from this artwork?
  8. Explain how this project helped you appreciate other artists’ work.
  9. Research the artist and the style/ technique used. See the rubric located in the syllabus.
  10. Use the language of art and compare your artwork and how it shows the technique used by the artist.