Crime Prevention

It seems fairly evident that the 1980s was a time when this country embarked upon a “get tough” approach to crime. As many experts have noted, this led to unprecedented numbers of offenders being sentenced to long prison sentences. Much of this trend was seen in drug offenses and other crimes, and this trend carried over into the 1990s, with strategies such as “three strikes and you’re out” legislation. As a crime prevention expert, it would seem reasonable to ask whether such an effort had an impact on crime (assuming other factors did not contribute to any changes) and to identify intended and unintended consequences of such an effort. Identify at least two major issues that we have seen in criminal justice that can be linked to the “get tough” approach to crime since the 1980s. What are we doing, if anything, to address those challenges? Make sure you cite empirical sources, as this is not simply an opinion essay. As always, your paper should be properly formatted using APA guidelines.