How Gun Violence Exemplifies What is [Right or Wrong] with American Government?

Americans care about a number of issues, in particular the economy, immigration reform, health care and the fate of the health care law, police reform, among many other issues. Government responds to these problems and others through the creation of public policy, a set of laws, regulations and regulations. What issue matters most to you? How has the federal government responded to that issue?

In a minimum of 1200 words, write an essay in which you describe how the federal government?s response to a policy issue demonstrates the current state of the national government. In your essay, describe the government’s response, both past and present, to your selected issue. How effective has government been at addressing the issue? Explain why you believe the government’s response represents (or characterizes) the current state of American government. For example, does it reflect division, compromise, chaos, etc.?

In your response be sure to include: A thorough des?r?ption of the issue. The various ways in which government has responded to the issue (Congress, the Executive Branch, or the federal courts). An assessment of the problem. Has the problem improved or gotten worse? An evaluation of the government’s response. Why does the issue (in your opinion) exemplify what is right or wrong with American government? Important things to remember: Your submission must be at least 1200 words (it may be longer) and in a font size no larger than 12. (There is no “single- or double- space” requirement. It is up to you. I am more concerned with quality, than quantity. Correctly cite any sources (Clearly, this assignment requires the use of outside sources).

Consistent use of one format and citation style is also expected. You may use whichever format and citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) you prefer, just be consistent. There is no required citation and format style.