Lab 7 Transfer

Statement of the Problem

The purpose  of this lab experiment is to determine  whether  positive transfer  occurs from the experience of rolling a golf ball toward a target to learning to putt a golf ball to a target.


Chapter 7

Materials Needed

•   10 golf balls

•   Putter

•   Individual  Data Sheet

•   Group  Data Sheet

•   Smooth carpeted  area 10 ft. long and 27 in. wide outlined  in chalk as depicted in Figure 1. Each numerical  box is 4" long by 9"wide.


The objective of this task is to putt the ball into the 10 point square.

Form two groups.  Group  1 (Experimental group) will roll the ball from the starting line, attempting to have it stop on the 10 point square.  Twenty trials will be performed. No data will be recorded.  Group  2 (Control group) receives no practice.

Next,  participants in both  the Experimental and Control groups will perform  10 trials putting  the ball in an attempt to land it in the 10 point square.   Form pairs with one partner performing the task while the other records the numerical  value of the resting place of the ball on the  Individual  Data Sheet. The  rst participant should complete all trials before students  switch roles.


1.  Calculate  your mean score for the putting  test by adding all of your scores and dividing by the number  of trials (10).

2.  Gather  the individual  scores for each participant of the two groups.  Record each participant’s mean score into the corresponding column  (Experimental or Control) on the  Group  Data Sheet.

3.  Calculate  each group’s mean score.

4.  Create a bar graph at to illustrate  the group scores.

5.  Use the formula  on the Group  Data Sheet to quantify  the percentage  of transfer.


1.  Did positive transfer  occur for the experimental group?

2.  Do the results justify the time spent on the lead-up activity? Explain.