Internet Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to go beyond the text, and write an evaluation of a source of psychological information on the Internet using the CRAP Test. Use the link below to access information on the CRAP test.

For this assignment you will write a paper of about 500 words.  It is more important to address the points below than to count words.

You may use any format style (MLA, APA, etc) you choose.

Topics DO NOT need to be approved.

The directions are:

1. Locate a topic IN THE TEXT that interests you.  It may be anywhere in the text.  It MUST be somewhere in the text.  You will report the topic and where (chapter and/or page reference) it is in the text.

2. State in several sentences why you chose this topic.

3. Use an Internet search engine of your choice to locate information on this topic.

4. Choose ONE website, and EVALUATE it using the CRAP Test (see link below to Buley Library for details on the CRAP Test):

a. Present the website’s address so that I may examine it. This may be done in-text or as a reference.

b. Present your evaluation of  the information found on the website as it relates to the CRAP Test.

5. Contrast the information on the website with what the textbook says.  How do the two disagree/ agree?  Which has more evidence?

You will be graded on the presence and quality of each of the above points, as well as style and length.  A rubric is posted on this link.

Note that the goal of this paper is to EVALUATE the information on the website, and NOT to present the topic.

Buley Library - Evaluating Sources using the CRAP Test

The goal of this paper is to evaluate the website that you find.   This link should be consulted before you write your paper. The CRAP Test must used.  Your paper should describe how the site meets or does not meet each standard.  The CRAP Test is explained on the "Evaluating Sources" tab.

Click the the title or paste the following onto your browser: to access the information about the CRAP Test.