Loss, Death, and Bereavement

What are some of the common cultural attitudes towards death and dying and what reasons does Morrie gives for rejecting the mores prescribed by the popular culture. What are the positive and/or negative consequences of portraying death in the way that it did? How has he created his own culture, and what values does it consist of?

In the book, you get a good feel for the deterioration of Morrie?s body and how the disease evolves. How does Morrie rationalize his thoughts that aging is growth, and not decay, as most people see it? Morrie’s stories tie in with many of the readings, topics, and discussions we have had throughout the semester.

How do his experiences with death and dying issues tie into some of the major theories, content, or discussion we have had? Did this book influence personal conceptualization of loss, death, and bereavement? If so, how? If not, please identify some of your personal conceptualization or struggles with death and dying issues, beliefs, or concepts you have that may parallel the book. Please include any other reflections or personal reactions that this book elicited.