Essay Four Composition I

1. Select a work of literature from the short story list below.

2. Do careful and thorough research to locate credible information about the literary work you have chosen.

[1] Use at least three reliable sources from literary reference books, TCC library (,

     and/or Tulsa City/County Library (

            [2] Report accurate and complete information from secondary sources only.

3. The paper must contain five-paragraphs of text (double-spaced introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) that:

            [1] Analyzes your selection through topic-by-topic reporting of information gathered from noted

                   literary critics (secondary sources only).

[2] Introduces all quotations and paraphrases from these secondary sources.

       ¯ Quotations must account for LESS THAN 15% of the paper's content

[3] Acknowledges ALL borrowed information by including proper parenthetical references

       and a Works Cited page of only secondary sources.

4.  The completed essay should be a single file containing the completed paper in polished form with:

  • proper format
  • properly introduced quotations and paraphrases from secondary sources
  • complete and correct parenthetical references from secondary sources
  • proper Works Cited page

5.  Submit your essay (including Works Cited) in one document as an upload into SafeAssign.

6. List of choices (select only one story): (remember to enclose short story titles within “quotation marks”)


The Story of An Hour (Kate Chopin)

 Desiree's Baby (Kate Chopin)

 Araby (James Joyce)

 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (Ambrose Bierce)

 The Monkey's Paw (W.W. Jacobs)

 To Build a Fire (Jack London)

 My Kinsman, Major Molineux (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

 Odour of Chrysanthemums (D.H. Lawrence)

 A Jury of Her Peers (Susan Glaspell)

 The Interlopers (Saki)

 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Mark Twain)

 The Necklace (La Parure) (Guy De Maupassant)

The Rocking-Horse Winner (D.H. Lawrence)

The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (Joyce Carol Oates)

The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)