Developmental Media Paper/Presentation Rubric

Developmental Psychology is often the topic of many media outlets including current television, film, music, and literature. The goal of this project is to develop your ability to use theory and research to assess how human development is portrayed in the media. This project will involve watching a film or television series, listening to music, or reading a novel and then writing a paper about whether this form of media portrayed an accurate picture of human development according to theory and research. You will need to give a brief (one or two paragraph) summary of the chosen media. The rest of the paper will answer two main questions: Which major theory is covered in this media example and is it accurate? You will need to explain which theory you

chose and why and give examples of at least two concepts from your theory (or possibly research studies in that same chapter). Make sure you explain how these concepts relate to the media you have chosen. Finally, explain whether or not this is an accurate depiction of human development and why. This paper should be approximately 3-5 pages double spaced. If you create a presentation there must be audio or video along with power point slides (or something similar) and the presentation should be 4-6 minutes.

Media Summary (5 points)


Summary (5 points). Is the summary detailed enough, but not more than two

Paper (30 points)

Relates media to appropriate theory (5 points).

Provides evidence for theory selection (5 points).

Relates media to appropriate first concept from theory (5 points).

Relates media to an appropriate second concept from theory (5 points).

Provides evidence for concepts selections (5 points).

Explanation of whether this media example represents an accurate portrayal of human development (5 points).

Overall Quality (10 points)

Overall quality and clarity of the paper (5 points). Did it make sense? Appropriate grammar, spelling punctuation?

Citations (5 points). Did the author cite the textbook or slides?