[Solved] 6.4 Discussion - Sample Arguments

6.4 Discussion


Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of a sample written argument paper


Write a one-paragraph evaluation of ONE sample argument.

A) Sample RA1 docx

B) Sample RA 2docx.

Use the following questions as a guide for your evaluation, but feel free to choose 2-3 elements and focus on them.

1. What is the claim and what are the reasons for the claim?

2. Is the reasoning logical? Are there any logical fallacies?

3. Does each reason have enough support?

4. Does the student use sources ethically? Do the sources build up the ethos of the paper? Do the sources cross-reference (there is a Works Cited entry for each source mentioned in the paper, and, vice versa, all sources on the Works Cited page can be found in the paper).

5. Is it a classic/adversarial/traditional or Rogerian/consensual argument?

6. How does the student treat the opposing position?

7. Do you find conclusion satisfying?

8. Are you a friendly, hostile, skeptical or disinterested reader of this argument?

9. Are you convinced  by the student s argumentation?

10. What do you find especially successful in the student s argumentation or approach?

11. What can be improved?

Due: Sunday, Week 6

Where do I post my work? Go to the Discussions Tab on the menu and post your response in the 6.4 Discussions topic thread. When responding to classmates, you can agree with and add to their evaluative comments, disagree and explain, or analyze left out elements of the argument.

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