Final Exam

Final Exam Due: May 14

Please answer all three (3) questions as completely and thoughtfully as you can.  Each question should contain at least 250 words (but you can write more!)

  1. After having taken Western Civilization I, what is the relevance in studying ancient/medieval/early modern history (that is, the period roughly before the year 1650)?  Please point to specific examples from our course that show that the subject matter we studied is important to understanding today's world. 
  1. Which event or era do you consider to be the most interesting of all those that you studied this semester?  Provide specific examples of aspects of this event or era that you found particularly fascinating.  Also try to outline the factors that would influence your choice, such as whether the event or era had the most historical significance, or whether something about it or them appealed to you because of your own personality.
  1. Imagine that you are writing a letter to a historic figure from a period of Western Civilization that we studied (roughly 2000 BC-1600 AD).  It would be someone that you like or dislike.  What would want to say to this person?  Are there things that you would like to ask this person?  Is there something that youd like to know about this person that is unknown?  What would you say about some of the actions that this person did in his or her life?  You can be open and honest with this figure you can complement them or rebuke them for their actions and behavior.