Research Paper

In this class, you are responsible for writing a minimum 6 page literary research paper on any of the texts we have read in class.

For this paper, you will consider a research question, something that you are hoping to answer regarding or theme or topic in the text. Think about what your end goal is, what conclusions you want to achieve, and the point of your research? So what? Why does your research matter?

The answer to your research question will serve as your thesis, be as detailed as possible. Students will be responsible for including 3 peer-reviewed sources in this paper.

Then, students will write an annotated bibliography. This is 10% of your grade and very important. This is where students evaluate the sources they are using. You will annotate 3 sources. Keep in mind that you are not stuck with these sources, as they can change while writing your paper and doing more research.

Students are also responsible for powerpoint presentations about their research projects. I suggest a minimum of 5 slides and your recorded explanations on each slide. I will review with you how you can create your slides using outlook and google docs. Failure to present your project to your group mates will result in a 5 point reduction on your Final Paper, which is worth 25% of your final grade.

Due Dates: All FINAL DRAFT submissions will be due on blackboard at 11:59 PM Annotated Bibliography First Draft Before your workshop April 7th

Annotated Bibliography Final Draft April 11th

Research Paper Draft ( first 3 pages) Before your workshop: April 21st

Research Paper Draft 2 (all 6 pages) Before your workshop: May 5th

Research Paper Final Draft May 16th