Write-Up Assignment Instructions


Software systems like SPSS provide us the ability to quickly conduct statistical analysis. For each assignment you will utilize the SPSS software to complete each scenario presented to you. Each Write-Up Assignment will cover a different method of testing for statistical significance. You may even use some of these methods when you are conducting your dissertation.


Review each assignment tutorial and template. See the chart below for the specific documents you should be reviewing and downloading. The tutorial will provide information on how to use the SPSS software for each assignment. Use the techniques that you gained from the tutorial to complete the template. Then submit only the template for a grade. Please note that your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool, however, do not concern yourself with this report as the template is a fill in the blank assignment.  

Module: WeekAssignmentResources
Module 2: Week 2One-Sample t-Test TemplateOne-Sample t-Test Tutorial  
Module 3: Week 3Independent Samples t-Test TemplateIndependent Samples t-Test Tutorial  
Module 4: Week 4ANOVA TemplateANOVA Tutorial  
Module 5: Week 5Chi-Square TemplateChi-Square Tutorial  
Module 6: Week 6Pearson Product-Moment Correlation TemplatePearson Product-Moment Correlation Tutorial  
Module 7: Week 7Write-Up: Bivariate Regression TemplateWrite-Up: Bivariate Regression Tutorial  

Write-Up: ANOVA with Tukey Template

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Instructions: For this graded assignment, you will complete the write-up below after completing the corresponding tutorial to this assignment. You will delete figures and tables where appropriate and then insert correct figures and tables. Also delete and then insert correct answers where there is RED text.

To begin, cut and paste the data set below into SPSS (or you can type in the data manually).  Do not copy the header row when you paste into SPSS. Before carrying out the analysis in SPSS, you need to set up your data file correctly using the “Variable View” tab. 

Scenario: The purpose of this study was to see if there was a significant difference in job satisfaction among teachers (1), nurses (2), or psychologist (3). A job satisfaction survey was given to all participants. The possible range of scores was 0 to 100 with 100 being the highest job satisfaction and 0 being the lowest.

NameJobJob Satisfaction
4Alexander 176
5Oliver 187
11Michaels 287
14Christian 356
18Mason 360