Literature Review

One – two paragraphs about the following

After each main sentence write the author name + article publish year + page number

The last page put all the references

Please make sure everything is paraphrased probably

I put  some reference that you can use+ when you add any references make sure its recent  so no more than  6 years old

Lit review

  1. What is visual literacy (VL)  ? (definition)
  2. Theory that related to VL ( one theory )
  3. What is VL person(learner)?
  4. Why VL important in 21 st century?
  5. The important of VL in learning
  6. How we can improve learners VL skills

Try to. Use those references

Eva Brumberger. (2019) Past, present, future: mapping the research in visual literacyJournal of Visual Literacy 38:3, pages 165-180.

Jeeyoung Min. (2019) Visual literacies in a U.S. undergraduate writing course: a case study of transmediationJournal of Visual Literacy 38:1-2, pages 83-99.

Choon-Lee Chai. (2019) Enhancing visual literacy of students through photo elicitationJournal of Visual Literacy 38:1-2, pages 120-129.

Suriati Abas. (2019) Reading the world – teaching visual analysis in higher educationJournal of Visual Literacy 38:1-2, pages 100-109.

Joanna Kędra, Rasa Žakevičiūtė. (2019) Visual literacy practices in higher education: what, why and how?Journal of Visual Literacy 38:1-2, pages 1-7.