Solved: Blockchain and Accounting Information System

To Do: Consult the reading material on Blackboard for a brief overview of Blockchain.

Read other articles and consult the Web to prepare a 2-page single-spaced typed paper to be submitted beginning of class on the due date.

For this assignment, you will describe how Blockchain would affect AIS in a large publicly traded company.

You must choose a particular company and clearly identify its industry in your report. Address this company’s and industry’s specific needs and concerns that blockchain might impact.

Identify the AIS or financial risks that blockchain would reduce or increase in this company.

You should address possible business process changes in

a) potential changes to company/industry lines of business (products or services) that could either be replaced by blockchain or enabled by it;

b) storage of data/information;

c) capturing of data/information; and

d) changes to pervasive and application level controls.

Finally, discuss the implications of these changes on the auditability of this particular company’s financial data or controls.


1)This is not a paper describing the development of Blockchain or its technical details. It is about the effects of Blockchain on AIS in companies’ organizations and business processes.